Open Day Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions has 500 visitors

On Friday 30 September, Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions had at least three causes for celebration. The company had its 25-year anniversary. Alex Verbruggen officially handed over the reins to the next generation – Erik Bruggink, Wouter Verbruggen and Maarten Verbruggen. And last but not least, the building has been renovated.

Maarten Verbruggen looks back on the day with satisfaction. “I think at least 500 visitors came by, mainly suppliers. It was a day with a golden touch, and it was wonderful to be able to exchange ideas with so many relations. We also explained the plans for the coming years, internally. From being a new entrant on the market we have grown to be a market leader in the field of palletising products which are difficult to stack, and we now have four offices worldwide. We are therefore full of confidence that we will be able to take the next step as well.”

“My father Alex will definitely remain active within the company in the coming years, but mostly in the role of pioneer, which suits him so much. He has laid a good foundation for our company, and it is up to us now to continue and move into gear. Nothing will change for our staff, but we will not stand still as a company. In the coming years we will continue conquering new markets, thinking up innovative solutions, and modernising the palletisers. An expansion of our product portfolio can definitely be expected, although fresh produce is also in our genes, and that will most certainly remain our most important market. But in other sectors, such as cheese and animal feed, we also see demand rising for complete modular, high-tech lines equipped with self-developed controls for each application. We are ready for that,” Maarten Verbruggen concludes.

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