1000th Verbruggen palletizer machine world wide!

Verbruggen is really excited to realize the number 1,000 palletizer machine world wide at MARS Pet Food! This week our colleagues Ton and Daniel started this journey with our new clients at Crown Petfood/James Wellbeloved, Castle Cary, UK. Everything is on track and we are looking forward to a smooth preparation and installation process in the next weeks.

Next step MARS Pet Food Project Process: Drawing the 3D layouts

For a palletizing project it is important to make a customized 3D design of the palletizer machine for the specific location and plant dimensions. Doing so the solution will fit the plant of our clients perfectly and helps our engineers to construct the optimal palletizing solution.  

1000th Verbruggen palletizer machine

Next step MARS Pet Food Project Process: Purchasing materials

Verbruggen palletizing solutions - 1000th Verbruggen palletizer machine

Follow the process of preparation to installation!

To celebrate our 1000th Verbruggen palletizer machine world wide, we will show and inform our Social media and website visitors about the process on a weekly bases. Informative and fun! Please follow us at Facebook Twitter or linkedin for more updates about the journey of 1000th Palletizer world wide.

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