10th Anniversary of Verbruggen Asia office

On 18 March, the Asian office of Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions operating under the name Deltadesh reached a significant milestone. It has been operating in Asia for 10 years. The Verbruggen Asian office is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh since 2009. So, it was time for a celebration!

A festive anniversary party was held in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The event was not only a summary of past success stories, but also an occasion to take stock and to look forward to the future. Over 100 guests attended this exciting event. Besides employees and their spouses, key customers, business partners from different sectors and diplomatic representatives were invited.

Maarten Verbruggen of Verbruggen Palletizing hosted the anniversary party.

Maarten Verbruggen addressed the numerous guests with a warm welcome. After a short review of past achievements, Maarten presented an inspiring strategic outlook into the future. Key customers were invited to give speeches, and diplomatic representatives conveyed their congratulates to Deltadesh. In the course of the evening event, a banquet dinner was hosted.

Thanks for staff and business partners Verbruggen Palletizing – Deltadesh

Deltadesh has also taken this special anniversary as an occasion for thank their staffs and business partners. ‘It was a day with a golden touch, and it was wonderful to be able to exchange ideas with so many relations. Without them Deltadesh’s success would not have been possible.’ Says the managing director Maarten Verbruggen, ‘The past 10 years are just a start, and we are ready for the next 10 years.’

The event was also utilized for the kick-off of the Dutch-government supported 3-year Potato Impact Cluster in Bangladesh, for which a Dutch delegation was also present at the occasion.

Verbruggen Palletizing Asian office established in 2009 under the name Deltadesh (Pvt.) Ltd.

Established in 2009, Deltadesh (Pvt.) Ltd. is a Dutch-owned private company in Bangladesh working as a Project Management Company for the Agricultural and the Infrastructural industry. The company provides a one-stop centre for projects from design to implementation. With quality service, Deltadesh has made numerous projects from dream to reality, successfully assisted a variety of organizations who established their business foundation in Bangladesh. 

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