Customized Palletizer Solutions

To offer you an idea about the diversity of our projects, we provide you several examples of our unique machine concepts. Do you have a specific request? Our engineers will develop a customized solution for your situation. Also for very tough-stackable products.

Mobile Palletizing

To be able to palletize on different locations with one machine, Verbruggen developed the VPM-Mobile. This machine is often used by bulking goods of storage and handling companies. Unique is the easy transport of the machine by truck.

Stacking Nested Crates

Do you need to stack or unstack nested crates on high-speed? The VPM-CS is especially developed for fully automated processing of products in stackable crates. The crates are supplied automatically and after being filled stacked stably on pallets.

Stacking Different Sizes of Onions at Once

Stacking different sizes of onions without a storage bunker? With this smart installation three different sizes are processed simultaneously. Three palletizers, three weighing machines and three evenflow bins and product conveyors are completely integrated in the existing production line.

Stacking Inside Pallet Measurements

Is your product vulnerable for damage during transport? Stack your product with our special indoor palletizing solution providing tight stack tolerances to be achieved prior to placement on a pallet resulting with protection of product from all sides on the pallet.

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