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Verbruggen’s innovative palletizing technology allows impressively stable and consistent product stacking, for almost any type and common dimensions. Our machines are designed to stack the most difficult packaging including bags, crates, cartons, open cartons, and even special product applications.

  • Latest technology in Automation Industry 4.0
  • Customized solutions designed for your packaging and capacity requirements
  • Industry leading equipment solutions for optimal efficiency
  • First-class Customer Service and After Sales Support
  • Less product damage
  • Higher & stable stack
  • More storage space
  • Less stacking labor
  • Strong ROI
  • Proven technology
  • High speed stacking
  • Increase profitability

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Verbruggen palletizers are made for heavy-duty agricultural and industrial applications. Many are used daily for more than 20 years and have stacked 20–25 million packaging.

The average delivery time of a palletizer to the end user is 10 weeks plus shipping, after order confirmation and down payment. But the actual duration always differs from project to project.

1 year after installation and commissioning.

There is a wide price range based on different models, configurations, and equipment complexity. We strive for an ROI of around 2-3 years, depending on functionality and application. We can provide you with an offer quickly if you provide information to be processed into a layout and quotation.

Verbruggen has installed more than 1000 machines worldwide with good customer relations and references. Contact us on, and we will find a nearby site for you to visit!

After Sales service

Please access to our Verbruggen Customer Portal to consult the user manual:

  • Open the spare partsmanual for your machine. Identify the location and 8-digit item number of the part you need. Then contact Service department at or (for North American customers) for timely part supply.
  • You can also request a spare parts kit for your palletizer if you want to have spare parts on-hand.

– Please contact our Service department for support with creating a new stacking pattern.

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