Palletizing Solutions for Non-Food Industry

For applications of stacking non-food products on pallets (palletizing), we mean primarily the products Seeds, cat litter, fertilizer, sand, gravel and charcoal. Though, we have some great results with difficult to stack products like firewood blocks too. Verbruggen palletizers can handle bags from 2,5 kg (5 lbs) up to bags of 75 kilos (165 lbs), boxes and crates in different sizes and bags in boxes as well.

With our expertise and innovative technology, we ensure smooth and precise stacking of your agricultural products, optimizing your operations and maximizing efficiency.

Stacking Boxes in Non food industry

Palletizing solutions play a crucial role in the non-food industry, facilitating efficient storage and transportation of various products. By utilizing automated palletizing machines, businesses can stack boxes and containers onto pallets, creating stable unit loads that are easily maneuverable using forklifts and other equipment. 

These solutions offer numerous benefits, including enhanced handling speed and efficiency, cost savings through reduced labor requirements, and improved worker safety by minimizing manual lifting and handling. 

Palletizing machines can be customized to accommodate different box sizes and weights, and they seamlessly integrate with warehouse management systems for streamlined logistics operations. Overall, palletizing solutions provide a cost-effective and efficient approach to storing and transporting non-food products in the non-food industry.

Stacking Bags in Non food industry

Efficiently stacking bags is a critical operation in the non-food industry, particularly for the storage and transportation of crops such as seeds, fertilizers, and cat litter. The practice of stacking bags brings several advantages, including optimizing storage space, reducing labor expenses, and minimizing crop damage. Automated palletizing machines can be tailored to handle bags of various sizes and weights, further enhancing the efficiency of the process. 

Stacking Crates in Non food industry

The non-food industry relies heavily on stacking products in crates to efficiently store and transport products from the manufacturer to the end consumer. By using crates and palletizers, the industry can reduce waste, improve efficiency and contribute to its success and sustainability.

Sorting the products by size and weight ensures that the crates are completely filled without overloading them or damaging the products. The crates are then stacked on pallets with forklifts or other equipment. Palletizers can be used to stack the crates on the pallets to create a stable load that can be easily transported and stored.

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Non-Food Products for Palletizing Applications





cat litter

Cat Litter



sand and gravel

Sand & Gravel



Why Palletizing solutions in Non Food industry

Palletizing solutions have become increasingly popular in the Non food industry, especially with the use of automatic palletizers. These machines have revolutionized the way products are stacked and transported. 

In the Non food industry, palletizers are typically used to stack products such as firewood, charcoal, or gravel on pallets. These machines can stack products in an accurate and efficient manner so that the maximum number of products can be loaded onto one pallet. Palletizers can be programmed to handle different sizes and weights of crates, offering flexibility. 

One of the biggest advantages of using palletizers in non-food is the reduction in labor costs

The machines are designed to automate the process of stacking crates on pallets, reducing the need for manual labor. This not only increases efficiency, but also reduces the risk of injury from manual labor.

Palletizing improves safety in Non food industry workplace

Palletizers can also improve workplace safety by minimizing the need for manual lifting and handling. This helps prevent workplace injuries and increases productivity by allowing workers to focus on other tasks.

Videos of Palletizing Solutions in Non-Food

Verbruggen’s Palletizing USP’s

Based on our extensive experience in palletizing, Verbruggen palletizers offer the following advantages in stacking your bags, boxes or crates with products:

  • Stack units in the range of 2.5 kg/5 lbs to 50 kg/120 lbs.
  • High flexibility for future changes in product sizes and patterns.
  • System can palletize single bags, bags in boxes and boxes/crates.
  • Perfectly stable stack to the height of 2.5 metres / 8 feet.
  • Easy to use operator station, low maintenance machinery for high up time.
  • Regional based sales and service.
  • Remote monitored support, ready to be integrated in your ERP system.

Why choose a palletizer machine in non-food?

Are you in need of fast, efficient, and precise palletizing solutions for your non food industry operations? Are you seeking to decrease labor costs, minimize downtime, and optimize loading efficiency? Palletizers deliver exceptional productivity gains, streamline operations, generate cost savings, and enhance workplace safety.

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VPM-10 palletizing machine by Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions


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VPM-14 Palletizer machine for bag palletizing by Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions


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VPM-BL Automatic box palletizer for stacking boxes and cartons by Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions


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Why Choose a Verbruggen Palletizer for Non-Food Industry?

Gentle product handling
Verbruggen palletizers are particularly suitable for processing bags of non-food products because of special features allowing round and irregular shape of products such as charcoal and fireplace wood to be stacked in a compact and tall format up to 2,5 meters.

Verbruggen’s own intelligent software enables the use of 20 possible stacking patterns, which makes it easy for customers to choose the best stacking patterns when palletizing different sizes of bags. It is also possible to combine bags and boxes or stack bags in boxes.

High speed stacking and accuracy
Verbruggen palletizers deliver high quality stacking in a high speed. Automated stacking of bags, crates or boxes from 10 to 40 bags per minute, and up to 120 boxes per minute

Local service availability
Besides our own branch offices in The Netherlands, USA, China and Bangladesh, we have an extended network of partners worldwide offering local service availability.

Good ROI; save labor costs and space
Choosing a Palletizing solution of Verbruggen will not only save labor costs and provide a better and more save working environment. It also saves space in storage and transport. Finally it also reduces product loss due to unstable and damaged stacks. Altogether a healthy investment, and we are more than happy to help calculate your ROI.


What is Palletizing?

Palletizing involves organizing products on pallets for storage or transportation. Palletizers are machines that automate this process, using robotics and other methods to accurately stack products of varying sizes and shapes onto pallets.

Benefits of using palletizers include increased productivity, improved efficiency, and reduced labor costs. Automation minimizes errors and prevents product damage during palletizing.

Additionally, palletizers optimize storage and transportation processes by efficiently stacking products on pallets. This leads to reduced storage space requirements and better utilization of transportation vehicles.

What is a palletizing operation?

Palletizing operation refers to the process of arranging and stacking products on a pallet in a predetermined pattern or configuration. This is typically done using a palletizer machine, which can automatically stack products onto a pallet in a fast and efficient manner. The palletized products can then be moved to a storage area or shipped to customers for distribution.

Palletizing operation is an important step in many industries, as it helps to ensure that products are securely and efficiently transported and stored. By using palletizing machines, businesses can improve their operations, reduce labor costs, and minimize the risk of damage to their products during transportation or storage.

The specific steps can vary based on product type, production requirements, and automation level. The goal is to efficiently and securely stack products for transportation and storage.

How to wrap a pallet for the non food industry?

Wrapping a pallet for the non-food industry is a critical step in protecting and securing products during transportation or storage. The process begins by properly stacking and securing products on the pallet.

Next, the pallet is placed onto a wrapping machine where it is wrapped tightly and evenly with a plastic film or netting. The corners of the pallet are given special attention to ensure that they are wrapped securely. After wrapping, the pallet may be labeled with important information and moved to a designated area for storage or shipping.

Properly wrapping a pallet for the non-food industry can help minimize the risk of damage and loss during transportation or storage, ultimately improving efficiency and reducing costs. By following these steps and utilizing modern wrapping machines, businesses can ensure that their products are protected and transported safely and securely.

For more information, view all of our wrapping machines here.