Development Software For Palletizer Machine

Every palletizing machine from Verbruggen has its own software. This is programmed and placed in a control cabinet, tested and finally delivered and installed with the Palletizer. But how does the process of Palletizer machine software work? 

After order confirmation, it is known which modules are included in a project. These are mostly standard modules, but sometimes a customer-specific adaptation to an existing module. This is developed by our own software engineers.

What is the input for the operating software?

The programmer gets his information from the 3D layout and order confirmation to determine which modules are needed. These are taken from a standard database and assembled into a machine. After processing any customer-specific adjustments, the software is linked to the hardware. When this is done, the software is loaded into the control cabinet. This is also done by our own engineers. At that time the basic functionalities are already being tested and after completing a checklist the control cabinets are ready to be built into the machine.

How about the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)?

After mounting the control box, the machine is assembled at our factory and the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) starts. It is checked whether everything works as it should. All movements are controlled and the machine is optimally adjusted for the desired stacking result of the customer. Any improvements to the functionality are made here. After everything has been approved, the machine will be dismantled and will be transported to the customer.

Verbruggen Palletizing Assembly FAT

Follow the process of preparation to installation!

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