Requirements for Remote Access

Remote Access is used to connect to the machine control (PLC, Display, Servodrives) from anywhere in the world. To realize this, the Verbruggen machines are applied with a Secomea Site Manager. By using this device, there are normally no additional settings required in the customers’ network.

The Uplink port of the Site Manager must be connected to the customers network, by using a standard network cable.

For a proper operation there are 3 requirements.


The network connection on 10 of 100 Mb/s must assign an IP address by DHCP to the Site Manager. (It is possible to work with a static IP address, but it is not desirable. Please, contact Verbruggen for this.)


The IP address that is assigned by DHCP to the Site Manager, should NOT be in the range –


One of the following ports must be open for outgoing network traffic:

80 / 4433 / 11444

(From the Site Manager to the internet)

It is up to the customer to meet these requirements. Verbruggen will not do any additional settings or configurations to the network, modems, routers or servers of the customer.

Once connected to the internet, the sitemanager will establish a heartbeat connection with the secure server of Verbruggen at / If necessary our service personell is able to remote login to the sitemanager through this server. Once that connection is established, they can access the network participants in the palletizer.