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Different pallet packing methods and palletizing patterns (charts) – An overview.

Different types and methods of Pallet Packing

There are several different types of pallet packing methods, each designed to meet specific shipping and storage needs. The choice of pallet packing method depends on factors such as the type of goods being shipped, the mode of transportation, and the desired level of protection and efficiency. Here are some common types of pallet packing.

Choice pallet packing method & stacking patterns

The choice of pallet packing method and stacking patterns should align with the specific requirements of your shipment, taking into consideration the nature of the goods, transportation mode, and any regulations or guidelines from shipping carriers.

Proper packing ensures the safety of your goods during transit and facilitates efficient handling and storage.

Different patterns - Verbruggen palletizing solutions
Different palletizing charts – Verbruggen palletizing solutions
Pallets charts - Verbruggen palletizing solutions

Overview different ways of stacking & palletizing patterns

Standard Pallet Packing:

This is the most common method, where goods are stacked on a pallet and secured with stretch wrap or shrink wrap. It’s suitable for a wide range of products and is cost-effective. It is more or less a catch-all concept and we consider automated palletizing another thing.

Pinwheel Stacking:

Pinwheel stacking involves rotating every other layer of boxes by 90 degrees on a pallet. This creates a stable interlocking pattern that can help prevent leaning and improve stability.

Interlocking Stacking:

Interlocking stacking involves arranging boxes or items in a way that their shapes interlock, reducing the risk of shifting during transport. This method is commonly used for irregularly shaped items.

Stacking for Cross-Docking:

Cross-docking is a method used in distribution centers where goods are quickly transferred from incoming trailers to outgoing trailers with minimal or no storage in between. It’s used to expedite the movement of goods.

Drum Stacking:

Drum stacking is used for cylindrical items such as drums or barrels. Drums are often stacked on their sides to maximize space utilization and stability.

Overhang Packing:

In overhang packing, items that exceed the dimensions of the pallet are allowed to overhang the edges. This method can be used when the overhanging items are not sensitive to overhang.

Mixed Load Packing:

Mixed load packing involves combining different types of goods on a single pallet. This is common in retail and distribution settings where various products need to be shipped together.

Temperature-Controlled Packing:

For temperature-sensitive goods, such as perishables or pharmaceuticals, specialized packing methods that include insulated pallet covers, temperature monitors, and refrigerated containers may be used.

Block Stacking:

In block stacking, boxes or items are stacked directly on top of each other without the use of pallets. This method is often used when pallets are not available or when space optimization is crucial. It’s common in container shipping.

Double-Stacking of pallets:

In double-stacking, two pallets are stacked on top of each other to maximize the use of vertical space in transportation or storage. It’s commonly used for lightweight or non-fragile goods.

Palletless Packing:

Palletless packing involves using specialized materials or equipment to secure items without the use of traditional pallets. This method is used in cases where pallets are impractical or undesirable.

Stacking for Aircraft Pallets:

In the aviation industry, special aircraft pallets are used to secure cargo for air transport. These pallets are designed to fit the dimensions of cargo holds in aircraft.

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