Verbruggen to do:

Your account manager has transferred your order to Project Team.

We enter your order into our system and will purchase all necessary parts after receiving your first payment.

Specific parts of your machine will be developed in advance.

Your to do:

Before the start of production, you have to transfer the 1st term payment to our bank account.

Verbruggen to do:

The components needed for your equipment are ordered. Once we have received all parts, we will start the assembling of your machine.

We start with the preparation of customer specific software.

Your to do:
Verbruggen to do:

We start with the assembling of the components for your equipment. Each component will be specifically tested on functionality.

Next we will put the entire installation up according layout and program according to submitted data.

The equipment will be tested according to our test protocol.

Your to do:
Verbruggen to do:

Your equipment is fully programmed and tested. We will disassemble the equipment for shipment and vulnerable parts will be packed in protective packaging.

We will deliver the goods to your production location and contact you soon to schedule the installation & commissioning of your machine. Is your country dutiable? In that case we take care of the needed documents for the customs clearance. The broker will contact you for approval of a delivery time proposal.

Your to do:

Please make prompt payment upon receiving your invoice for the 2nd instalment.

Verbruggen to do:

Start equipment installation and test machine to fine tune to customer’s product.

Provide training to the machine operators on safety, operation and defaults.

Your to do:

Power, air and internet to be provided day 2 of the installation. Test product, bag or box dimenions and stacking patterns to be provided day 3 of the installation.

A forklift with driver - with a capacity of 3500kg, a lifting height of 4000mm and fork extensions of 2400mm.

3rd term payment after installation and commisioning.

Dale Bates

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