About the Palletizer VPM-7

Looking for an efficient stacking solution while eliminating the need for manual labor? Palletize your products with the innovative technology of the VPM-7. Automated stacking becomes a reality with accurate and overlapping product placement combined with adjustable vertical compression force inside a 4-sided enclosed stacking bin. This machine is manufactured using the latest in Dutch technical innovation.


  • Consistent & stable pallet stacks
  • Relatively small equipment footprint
  • Low power consumption
  • Efficient operation & low maintenance intervals
  • High return & short payback period on investment

Products are supplied to the manipulator by reliable conveyor belts including automatic product buffering. Products will be handled by the special manipulator equipped with center flaps for an accurate product positioning. Horizontal moving formation doors allow each pallet/product layer to be compressed against the formation doors inside the stacking bin while the machine continues forming the next interlocking product layer resulting with the perfect finished product stack.

Our palletizing machines are also equipped with smart machine software and are easily operated by the user-friendly touchscreen. Remote access technology is also included, enabling remote service support from any location. The machine can also be built to suit your specific needs and is available with a wide range of options.

Most selected options

  • Adjustable stacking bin and formation collar for multiple pallet sizes
  • Soft landing on formation doors
  • Electrical compressing collar
  • Integrated sheet dispenser (in between layers)
  • Combi manipulator for bags, crates and/or cartons
  • Larger manipulator for bags up to 50 kg
  • Standalone wrapper (separate from palletizer)
  • External start new pallet

Technical Specifications for the VPM-7:

Model Features VPM-7
Touch screen with friendly user-interface
Easy configurable stacking patterns
Remote assistance
High infeed level
Low infeed level
Automatic stack/support transport
Vertical compression
4 side stack enclosure
Walk-in protection
Access platform
Specifications VPM-7
Capacity (usually, dep. Of configuration)
5 units per layer
970 units/hour
13 units per layer
1025 units/hour
Max. layer size
1600x1250 mm
Maximum weight (KG)
50 KG
Minimum size *1
350 x 220 x 50
Maximum size (mm)
880 x 590 x 325

*1 = Based on 1 package per drop. There are options for smaller package handling available on request.

Most sold Wrapper Machine

with the VPM-7

A Verbruggen wrapper, when used in conjunction with a palletizer, can greatly enhance the value of the palletizing process. The use of a Verbruggen wrapper with a palletizer can provide several benefits, including improved product protection, reduced labor costs, and increased efficiency. By securely wrapping the pallet, businesses can ensure that their products are protected from dust, moisture, and other environmental factors that can cause damage.

The VPM-7 in Action

Bag Palletizer Case Studies

The first case study

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Case study number 2

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Another case study #3

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The fourth case study

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Other Bag Palletizers:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Verbruggen palletizing machines are designed for quality and durability, delivering an incredible stable stack and consistent performance. This exceptional focus on dependability makes Verbruggen the preferred choice of many industry leaders. Additionally, our machines are cutting edge as a result of extensive R&D, meaning that we can stack the most challenging products on the market.
  • Latest technology in automation industry 4.0
  • Customized solutions designed for your packaging and capacity requirements
  • Industry-leading equipment solutions for optimal efficiency and durability
  • First-class customer service and after-sales support.
  • We can stack any type of products; bags, boxes, crates, cartons, even special product applications.. 

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Verbruggen palletizers are made for heavy-duty agricultural and industrial use. Many of our machines are used daily, lasting in excess of 20 years, stacking 20-25 million products.

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