Discover our Various Automatic Palletizers and Palletizing Solutions

Handling bags

Up to 10 per minute

Handling bags

Up to 15 per minute

Handling bags

Up to 19 per minute

Handling bags

Up to 30 per minute

Handling bags

Up to 40 per minute

Handling cartons/boxes

15 – 20 per minute

Handling bags

Up to 120 per minute

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Our Palletizing Machines

Do you need quickly, efficiently & perfectly stacked products on pallets or sheets? And also reduce labor costs & down time, while optimizing loading space? Then you found your match with Verbruggen Palletizing solutions.

Our Palletizers handle any product you need to stack: from potatoes, onions & carrots to bags of rice, flour & petfood and boxes or crates with smaller vegetables.

Discover our product range below. Our series of Palletizing machines (VPM) offer various options in capacity, speed and units to stack  (bags, boxes, crates). Discover our various automatic and semi-automatic palletizers, with precise product stacking capabilities at any speed. We make sure you will always get the palletizer that fits you best. Finally, you can achieve the perfectly stacked pallet result that you’ve been looking for.

Customized Palletizing Solutions

Find your palletizer through customized design including a wide range of possibilities & options such as customized layout, semi or fully-automatic operation, wrapping machines and added equipment pieces including strapping machines, evenflow units & check weighers.

Do you have a need for palletizing both bags and boxes using a single machine?
No problem with our dual purpose Combi-Manipulator including hands-free programming selection.

Quality Palletizers & Support

With our own technical and software engineers, designers and support teams we provide you with solid Palletizing machinery and support, providing latest palletizing/stacking technologies & innovations. Our Palletizers combine optimized overlapping patterns with integrated compression, achieving perfect and unparalleled stacking results. Products are stacked tight, tall, uniform & stable allowing for efficient transport. Our smart software assists with choosing of the desired products & selection of the right stacking patterns each time.


Customized Palletizing Solutions

Continual software and design refinements have also resulted in low maintenance costs, reliable equipment operation & a very long service life. Our Palletizers are equipped with Remote Assistance software, so our support team can directly monitor all over the world. Our service team is available 24/6 to ensure the highest possible up time of your machine.

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