We show initiative and are decisive. We are open to feedback and learn from our experiences. We listen to the customers, and to each other. We think in terms of possibilities. Our work is done in an orderly and precise manner. In this way, we ensure the best result together.


As a company, we set our own pace, but with clear and shared goals in mind. We give room to dream big, because everyone knows his or her responsibility. At Verbruggen we do not stack frustrations, we feel free to question and respectfully say what we think. You are allowed to be who you are and develop yourself.


We build genuine relationships and keep an eye out for one another. We know and care for our coworkers, customers, and our suppliers. We connect the best qualities of all people. Building bridges between Verbruggen and worldwide stakeholders, every hour of the day.


We follow through on our commitments and operate with transparency and clear communication. We always support one another. We operate as one team, no matter who you are or what you do. Together we are Verbruggen!


We are different! No challenge is too great for us. We combine our strengths, versatility and creativity to achieve the best solution for our client. We see challenges along the way as opportunities because investigating and innovating is what we do best. Always with an open mind, curious and practical.