Discover the IoT connectivity of Verbruggen Palletizers!

As part of our innovation we at Verbruggen have developed a new feature for our machines.

Be part of industry 4.0 and achieve a new automation processs that could reduce costs and delays. IoT has become one of the most valuable technologies in the 21st century, allowing everyone to collect and and share data of day to day objects with minimal human intervention.

Verbruggen has worked on a IoT portal to be able to provide the next 4 valuable benefits that will impact and can optimize your production process. 

1. Production Insights.

Get more insights about your production! The IoT connectivity of Verbruggen Palletizers allows continous monitoring of your production process. With all the production data that we can collect we will be able to provide a complete insight into your production process. You will be able to see the products that were processed, the pallets that were stacked and a overall efficiency score. This will all be available on a secure connection in order to keep your data and your machine safe. 

2. Predictable Maintenance

Increase uptime and reduce maintenance costs! In addition to corrective and preventive maintenance. Verbruggen develops a feature for predictable maintenance that will check the actual condition of a palletizer components. In that way, components can be replaced right before the end of the service life is reached. 

3. Maintenance History

Verbruggen will not only predict the maintenance of the palletizer, but also provides a complete insight of the maintenance history of your palletizer. 

4. Real time communication

Get real-time status updates from you Verbruggen palletizing machine. The real time communication provides an easy way to find out your palletizing machine current status and receive production data real time. 

How does it work?

Do you want to know more about the connectivity of the IoT in our palletizing machines?

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