Case Study

Palletizing in Wood Pellet industry

By Verbruggen

In collaboration with Indeck Pellets

Case study – Next level palletizing bags of wood pellets

This case study is about the wood pellet company Indeck Ladysmith and their switch from a robotic palletizer to a bag palletizer of Verbruggen. Indeck Ladysmith Wood Pellets is a privately held developer, owner and operator of renewable and conventional energy projects, such as wood pellets. Verbruggen Palletizing Solutions is a trusted provider of palletizing equipment and services for the wood pellet industry. With over 30 years of experience building palletizers, Verbruggen is known for its innovative and reliable solutions that help customers optimize their production and improve stack stability.

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Discussing Indeck Ladysmith’s need for a bag palletizer

Indeck Ladysmith is a company in the wood pellet industry that recently made the decision to move away from a robotic palletizer to a Verbruggen palletizer. The company was looking for a more efficient and reliable solution for palletizing its wood pellets, and after careful consideration, it decided that a Verbruggen palletizer was the best fit for its needs.

Since making the switch to a Bag Palletizer, Indeck Ladysmith has been extremely pleased with the results.

The Verbruggen palletizer has proven to be much more efficient and reliable than the company’s previous solution, with faster palletizing speeds and fewer downtime issues. In addition, the palletizer has been able to handle a wide range of wood pellet sizes and shapes, which has allowed the company to optimize its production and reduce waste.

Overall, Indeck Ladysmith is extremely satisfied with its decision to switch to a Verbruggen palletizer, and the company is confident that it has made the right choice for its palletizing needs. The company credits the success of the switch to Verbruggen’s high-quality equipment and excellent customer support, and it looks forward to a long and successful partnership with the company.

Verbruggen palletizers in the Wood Pellet Industry

Accurate and precise palletizers

Verbruggen’s palletizers are highly accurate and precise, which ensures that the wood pellets are placed onto the pallet in a consistent and orderly manner. This helps to create a stable and secure stack that is less prone to shifting or collapsing.

Fast and efficient palletizing machines

Verbruggen’s palletizers are also equipped with advanced automation technology that allows for fast and efficient palletizing. This helps to reduce the time and effort required to palletize the wood pellets, which can improve the speed and efficiency of the production process.

Highly flexible and adaptable palletizers

Third, Verbruggen’s palletizers are designed to be highly flexible and adaptable, which allows them to handle a wide range of wood pellet sizes and shapes. This flexibility means that customers can optimize their production to meet the specific needs of their market, which can help to improve the quality and value of the final product.

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